Travel to the Extreme

Visit cities, sites and spaces with excess appeal

If you want your next break to be less about expected excursions and more about taking it to the limit, head for the smallest, longest, shallowest, quietest or biggest world-wide destinations.

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Then pack up and head off to these tag-worthy extreme global hot spots:

Head to southern Italy for an aerial zip between two mountaintops. At 7,260-feet long, the Volo Zip Line is cited as the longest zip line in the world. Get ready for a reported zipping speed of up to 140 km/h, no wings required.

Explore the crystal clear waters of Lake Huron in Ontario by freshwater diving some of the most unique sites. Insta-worthy natural geological formations mix with historical shipwrecks that are some of the shallowest on the globe. Get up close without going too deep!

Embrace the silence at One Square Inch – the spot in Washington State’s Olympic National Park that is reportedly the most devoid of human noise in the United States. The remote locale is flagged by a red stone, placed at very specific coordinates in the Hoh Rain Forest, and was marked to protect the natural soundscape of the park. It’s a trek to get there, but once you arrive (and stand completely still), you won’t hear a peep of human-generated noise. Astoundingly rarer than you would think.

Bored by the prospect of an endless museum visit? New York’s Mmuseumm is hailed as the smallest museum in the world. At only 36 square feet in size, your visit to this curation of cool will be virtually over by the time it has begun.

Live large by worshipping the pumping beats of Privilege in Ibiza, Spain. The one-time community pool that did a hedonistic celeb-fueled stint in the 70s (as KU) is now recognized as the biggest nightclub in the world. Be one of the 10,000-capacity crowd for an unforgettable night.


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