First-Class Gift Ideas for Travellers

The gear that every traveller should be asking for this season

If your goal is to see the world next year, tis the season to fill your want list with gifts that will get you on the road or help you out when you touch down. Travel accessories have come a long way (get it?) since the steamer trunk. Today’s savvy traveller needs sleek and sophisticated, smart and adaptable go-anywhere gear. From the clothes on your back to the bag in your hand to the best travel hack apps, build a seasonal wish list to make you jet-set ready.

Remind gift-givers that shopping via lets them get AIR MILES® Reward Miles as they fulfil your travel wishes. Win-win.

Noise-cancelling headphones are the modern globetrotter’s non-negotiable. A superior pair should pull double duty: pump out quality sounds and defend against the noises that bombard a weary traveller. Add sleek to that list and you’ve got a triple-threat from Bose; the QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones are lightweight and fold down to an easy-to-store size.

Smart travellers invest in the multi-purpose and anything with Swiss Army-like flexibility is a welcome travel companion. Roots bags and accessories are built to be as smart as they are beautiful. And never more so than in their new Beauty Wallet Bag. A small tri-fold bag-wallet hybrid smart enough to carry just what you need for museum-hopping by day and delicate enough to be a clutch for that last-minute party invite.

If rugged is the theme of the trip, start your very first step with the right boots. LL Bean knows what goes into making road-ready footwear that will get you from A to B in comfort with the security of built-to-last quality.

Use your phone for alllll the FOMO-inducing selfies and pack a serious camera for the snaps that will ultimately end up in the story of your life. The Olympus range of cameras are built to record your adventures and the PEN series – with its retro-inspired structure and leather details – will look super-stylish while doing it.

With a 4.5-star rating based on 899 iTunes reviews, the latest version of iTranslate Voice Translation and Dictionary app comes up as a stand out against other players. Translate directly from your voice to over 40 languages and connect with others to have real-time face-to-phone-to-phone-to-face chats without sharing a vocabulary. At under $10 from iTunes or Google play, it’s a stocking-stuffer worth asking for in as many languages as you can.


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