Check In for Choice and Miles

The new AIR MILES® Travel Hub lets you get Miles for your hotel stay

The fun of planning a trip can sometimes be dampened by all the research and hard work it takes to make sure you are getting a good deal. AIR MILES® has made your next hotel booking easier and more rewarding via the new Travel Hub.

Introducing AIR MILES Travel Hub! Collectors will have access to competitive hotel rates at over 150,000 hotels and all-inclusive resorts worldwide, and get Bonus Miles on their stays. Simply plug in your destination and your dates and let the AIR MILES Travel Hub help you find the perfect place to rest your head.

And the satisfaction doesn’t stop there. A smart traveller will have shopped for their travel essentials via and used their AIR MILES credit card to pay for their flights, all with a view to collecting as many Miles as possible, whether you are taking a long weekend city break or a family vacation.

Make feeling rewarded the ultimate destination and enlist AR MILES every step of the way.


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